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TotalEnergies Rubia SX 10W Engine Oil - 20 Litres

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Product Features

Rubia SX 10W Engine Oil:
Rubia SX 10W is a monograde mineral lubricant designed for use in hydraulic circuits, engines, and gearboxes of trucks, agricultural equipment, and earthmoving or quarry machinery.

International Standards:
  • API CF / SF
Rubia SX 10W is suitable for all hydraulic circuits, gearboxes, and engines that require a monograde "Engine oil" type lubricant. The viscosity grade should be selected based on ambient temperature conditions (HT for High Temperature (> 40°C) and LT for Low Temperature (< -25°C)).

Performances & Customer Benefits:
  • Thermal Stability: The formulation of Rubia SX 10W ensures efficient lubrication under normal working conditions, minimizing the risk of deposits or varnish on hydraulic valves or gearboxes.
  • Economic Choice: With excellent component quality, Rubia SX 10W offers optimal technical performance at a competitive price.
  • Extended Drain Interval: Enhanced alkalinity reserve (TBN) and high-quality base oils allow for longer drain intervals in gearboxes and hydraulic systems compared to other monograde lubricants.
  • Low Pour Point: Very low pour point enables immediate machine start-up, even at extremely low temperatures.
  • Good Filterability: Ensures fast lubrication of lubricated parts from the start.
Recommendations for Use:
  • Check the vehicle's maintenance guide before using the product.
  • Follow the manufacturer's recommendations for oil changes.
  • Store the product below 60°C, away from sunlight, intense cold, and extreme temperature fluctuations.
  • Protect the packaging from exposure to the elements; if exposed, store drums horizontally to prevent contamination and label damage.

Test UNIT Test Method Result
Kinematic Viscosity at 40 °C mm2 /s ASTM D445 36
Kinematic Viscosity at 100 °C mm2 /s ASTM D445 6.1
Viscosity Index  - ASTM D2270 116
Pour Point °C ASTM D97 -42
Flash point °C ASTM D92 210
T.B.N value  - ASTM D2896 11