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TotalEnergies Quartz Ineo Xtra First 0W-20 5 Litres Performance Engine Oil 225987

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Nowadays, engines face tremendously high operating temperatures and pressures. This accelerates oil oxidation and destabilizes its molecular structure, leading to increased friction and sludge build-up TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-20 with ART (Age Resistance Technology) is an advanced, highly charged formula which fortifies the anti-oxidation properties of the engine oil offering therefore ultimate protection against sludge formation and wear

TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-20 is synthetic engine oil, formulated and used for PSA PEUGEOT CITROEN’s factory fill and after sales. This pollution-control synthetic engine oil provides engines with the best possible protection against wear and clogging. The post-treatment systems, sensitive to the lubricants used and expensive to maintain, are also protected over the long-term thanks to the “Low SAPS” formulation (low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur contents). Using this engine oil can help generate fuel savings without the need to change driving style. It is also suitable for the most demanding driving conditions (door-to-door, sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving, etc.) TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-20 is particularly well-suited for use with recent engines of PSA (DV5R and EB2DT), and particularly ones equipped with BLUE HDi, PureTech using Stop & Start technologies, and hybrid engines which require newgeneration engine oils.

Reduced environmental impact: Fuel savings of 3.7% as measured by the official M111 FE test. It guarantees compliance with all the performance levels claimed by PEUGEOT and CITROËN in relation to environmental standards. Protection for pollution-control systems: This engine oil optimises the way in which three-way catalytic converters and particulate filters operate, preventing them from getting clogged up with soot or sludge deposits. This reduces particulate emissions, NOx, HC and CO in particular. Engine protection and cleanliness: This oil offers the best possible protection in its category against wear and clogging as soon as the engine is started up. Easier cold starts: The 0W-20 grade, together with special additives, makes cold engine starts easier, even at very low temperatures (validation tests carried out down to -40°C) Oil change intervals: TOTAL QUARTZ INEO FIRST 0W-20 retains all of its properties, in accordance with the service plans recommended by PEUGEOT and CITROËN.