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TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 0W-30 Engine Oil - 1 Litre

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TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 0W-30 Engine Oil - 1 Litre

TotalEnergies Quartz 9000 0W-30 is a high-performance synthetic engine oil engineered to meet the demands of the latest generation of gasoline and diesel engines. Its advanced formula delivers exceptional protection, fuel economy, and performance, even under the most challenging driving conditions.

Key Benefits:
Advanced Engine Protection: Offers outstanding anti-wear protection, ensuring optimal engine longevity and safeguarding sensitive engine components.
Enhanced Fuel Economy: Its low-viscosity formula and innovative additives reduce friction, leading to significant fuel savings and lower CO2 emissions.
Excellent Cold Start Performance: The 0W viscosity grade ensures fast oil flow at low temperatures, providing immediate protection during cold starts.
Optimal Engine Cleanliness: Contains detergent and dispersive additives that keep your engine clean and prevent deposit build-up, maintaining performance over time.
Suitable for Extreme Conditions: Handles high temperatures and severe driving conditions with ease, providing reliable protection under all circumstances.

Suitable for:
Gasoline and Diesel Engines: Ideal for both types of engines in modern passenger cars, including those with turbocharging and direct injection.
High-Performance Engines: Recommended for engines operating under demanding conditions, such as high speeds and heavy loads.
Vehicles Requiring ACEA A5/B5 or API SL: Specifically formulated to meet these stringent specifications, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of vehicles.

Specifications and Approvals:
VOLVO VCC 95200377