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TotalEnergies Preslia 32 Turbine Oil - 208 Litres

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TotalEnergies Preslia 32 Turbine Oil - 208 Litres

Preslia 32 is a high-performance turbine oil specifically designed for the demanding lubrication needs of turbochargers. It is formulated with zinc-free additives, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of critical components. This advanced lubricant is approved by leading Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) ABB and PBS, underscoring its quality and reliability.

High thermal resistance: Preslia 32 maintains its lubricating properties even at elevated temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and protection of turbocharger components under extreme operating conditions.
High oxidation resistance: The oil's formulation resists degradation caused by exposure to oxygen and heat, prolonging its service life and reducing the need for frequent oil changes.
Excellent anti-corrosion and anti-rust properties: Preslia 32 forms a protective barrier on metal surfaces, preventing corrosion and rust formation, which can lead to premature wear and damage.
Excellent water release properties: The oil quickly separates from water, preventing the formation of emulsions that can compromise lubrication and accelerate wear.
Good anti-foam properties: Preslia 32 resists foaming, ensuring a continuous oil film and preventing air bubbles from interfering with lubrication.
Very good oil film strength at extreme pressure: The oil maintains a strong lubricating film even under high pressure conditions, reducing friction and wear in heavily loaded components.
Compatible with all rubber seals: Preslia 32 will not degrade or damage rubber seals, ensuring the integrity of the turbocharger system and preventing leaks.

Typical Test Data:
ISO Grade: 32
Density at 15°C (kg/m3): 856
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C (mm2/s): 32
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C (mm2/s): 5.4
Flash Point (COC) (°C): > 215
Pour Point (°C): -12