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TotalEnergies Multis Complex SHD 460 Grease - 170Kg

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TotalEnergies Multis Complex SHD 460 Grease - 170Kg

MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 460 is a premium synthetic grease specifically formulated by TotalEnergies to excel in severe operating conditions, particularly in high-temperature and heavy-load applications where conventional lubricants fail. Its exceptional performance characteristics and wide temperature range make it the ideal choice for demanding industries like paper, steel, and general manufacturing.

Key Performance Advantages:
Exceptional High-Temperature Stability: Maintains its lubricating properties and structural integrity at extreme temperatures, exceeding the capabilities of conventional lithium-based greases.
Superior Load-Carrying Capacity: Provides excellent protection against wear and seizure under heavy loads, ensuring long component life and reduced maintenance requirements.
Outstanding Water Resistance: Exhibits excellent resistance to water washout and emulsification, maintaining lubrication effectiveness even in wet or humid environments.
Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for use in a broad range of temperatures, from -40°C to 160°C, ensuring consistent performance across various operating conditions.
Energy Efficiency: Low traction coefficient helps reduce energy consumption and improve overall equipment efficiency.
Extended Relubrication Intervals: Long-lasting performance allows for extended relubrication intervals, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
Environmentally Responsible: Formulated without lead or other heavy metals, minimizing environmental impact.

Approvals & Specifications:
ISO 6743-9: L-XDEHB 1/2
DIN 51502: KP1/2P-40

Typical Test Data:
Thickener Complex Lithium
NLGI Grade 1-2
Color Yellow
Appearance Smooth
Temperature Range (°C) -40 to 160
Penetration at 25°C (0.1mm) 290-320
Dropping Point (°C) >275
Water Wash-Out (% weight) 5
Flow Pressure at -40°C (mbar) 500
4-ball Wear (mm) 0.37
4-ball EP (Kgf) 500
SKF- EMCOR Anti-rust Performance 0-0
Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s) 460