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TotalEnergies Multis Complex SHD 460 Extreme Pressure Grease 375GM Cartridge

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TotalEnergies' Multis Complex SHD 460 Extreme Pressure Grease - 375GM Catridge

MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 460  is a cutting-edge synthetic grease engineered for exceptional performance in the most demanding industrial environments. Specifically designed to excel in high-temperature applications where conventional lithium greases fall short, MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 460 provides unparalleled protection for bearings under heavy loads and slow to moderate rotational speeds. Its advanced formulation ensures reliability even in wet conditions, making it suitable for a wide range of industrial applications, including those with plastic contacts. Ideal for the dry sections of the papermaking industry, particularly felt rolls, MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 460 offers superior lubrication and extends maintenance intervals. Its synthetic base oil boasts low volatility, combined with outstanding high-temperature properties, enabling maximum efficiency and longevity in operation.


  • Meets the lubrication requirements for different types of equipment.
  • Its slow traction coefficient makes it possible to anticipate energy gains and an increase in the life service of the bearings.
  • Miscible with most conventional soap greases. Good resistance to water, variations in temperature, and pollution.
  • Permits longer lubrication intervals, meaning maintenance costs go down.
  • Contains no lead or any other heavy metals deemed harmful to human health or environment.
  • Can perform in various temperatures, recommended for use in temperatures between -40°C and +160°C

Typical Characteristics:
Properties Methods Units Multis Complex 
Thickener - Complex Lithium
NLGI Grade ASTM D 217/DIN 51 818 - 1-2
Colour Visual - Yellow
Appearance Visual - Smooth
Tempurature Range °C -40 to 160
Penetration at 25°C ASTM D 217/DIN 51 818 0.1mm 290 – 320
Dropping Point IP 396/DIN ISO 2176 °C >275
Water Wash-Out ASTM D1264 % weight 5
Flow pressure 1400
DIN 51805 °C < -40°C
Flow Pressure at -40°C DIN 51805 mbar 500
4-ball wear DIN 51-350-T5 mm 0.37
4-ball EP ASTM D2596 Kgf 620
SKF - EMCOR Antirust
DIN 51 802/IP220/NFT
60-135/ISO 11007
quotation 0-0
Base oil Viscosity at
ASTM D 445/DIN 51
562-1/ISO 3104/IP71
mm²/c (cSt) 460