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TotalEnergies Multis Complex SHD 220 Grease Cartridge - 370Gm

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TotalEnergies Multis Complex SHD 220 Grease Cartridge - 370Gm

MULTIS COMPLEX SHD 220 is a premium, synthetic lithium complex grease engineered by TotalEnergies to deliver outstanding performance in the most demanding industrial applications. Specifically designed for high-temperature and high-load conditions, this grease offers exceptional protection against wear, oxidation, and corrosion, ensuring optimal equipment reliability and extended service life.

Key Performance Advantages:
Exceptional High-Temperature Performance: Maintains its lubricating properties and structural stability at elevated temperatures, exceeding the capabilities of conventional lithium greases.
Superior Load-Carrying Capacity: Provides excellent protection against wear and seizure under heavy loads, ensuring long component life and reduced maintenance requirements.
Outstanding Water Resistance: Resists washout and emulsification, maintaining lubrication effectiveness in wet and humid environments.
Excellent Mechanical Stability: Retains its consistency and performance under high shear and mechanical stress, providing reliable lubrication in demanding applications.
Wide Operating Temperature Range: Suitable for use in a broad range of temperatures, from -30°C to 180°C, ensuring consistent performance across various operating conditions.
Enhanced Energy Efficiency: Low friction coefficient contributes to reduced energy consumption and improved equipment efficiency.
Environmentally Friendly: Formulated without lead or other heavy metals, minimizing environmental impact.

Typical Test Data:
Thickener: Complex Lithium
NLGI Grade: 2
Color: Yellow
Appearance: Smooth
Operating Temperature Range (°C): -50 to 160
Penetration at 25°C (0.1 mm): 265-295
Dropping Point (°C): >275
Water Wash-Out (% weight): 5
Flow Pressure at -50°C (mbar): 1125
Starting Torque at -40°C (mN.m): 274
Penetrability at -40°C (0.1 mm): 129
SKF- EMCOR Anti-rust Performance: 0-0
4-ball EP (Kgf): 620
Base Oil Viscosity at 40°C (mm²/s): 220