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TotalEnergies Fluidmatic DCT MV Automatic Transmission Oil - 1 Litre

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TotalEnerfies Fluidmatic DCT MV Automatic Transmission Oil - 1 Litre

TotalEnergies FluidMatic DCT MV is a premium, high-performance dual-clutch transmission fluid engineered to meet the exacting demands of modern vehicles. Leveraging advanced synthetic technology and cutting-edge additive chemistry, FluidMatic DCT MV delivers unparalleled performance, protection, and efficiency.

Key Advantages:
Friction Optimization: Precision-engineered friction modifiers ensure smooth, seamless gear shifts and responsive acceleration, enhancing driving comfort and vehicle dynamics.
Wear Protection: A robust additive package provides exceptional wear protection for critical transmission components, mitigating the risk of costly repairs and extending the life of the gearbox.
Thermal Stability: FluidMatic DCT MV maintains its viscosity and lubricating properties even under extreme operating temperatures, ensuring consistent performance and reliability in all driving conditions.
Fuel Efficiency: Optimized for low viscosity and friction, FluidMatic DCT MV helps reduce energy losses and improve fuel efficiency, contributing to lower operating costs and reduced emissions.

FluidMatic DCT MV is recommended for use in a wide range of dual-clutch transmission systems found in passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. It is compatible with a variety of DCT designs and architectures, making it a versatile solution for both OEM and aftermarket applications.

Typical Test Data:
Density at 15°C 854
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C 36.78
Kinematic viscosity at 100°C 7.316
Viscosity index 176
Pour point °C -48
Flash Point °C 204