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TotalEnergies Finasol MF Degreaser - 20 Litres

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TotalEnergies Finasol MF Degreaser - 20 Litres

TotalEnergies FINASOL MF is a versatile and efficient industrial degreaser designed to tackle various cleaning challenges in the metalworking, automotive manufacturing, and mining industries. Its unique emulsifiable formula effectively removes stubborn oil, grease, and other contaminants from a wide range of surfaces.

Key Features and Benefits:
Powerful Cleaning Action: Quickly penetrates and dissolves oily pollutants, leaving surfaces clean and residue-free.
Emulsifiable Formula: Easily mixes with water, creating a stable emulsion that facilitates the removal of contaminants through rinsing.
Versatile Applications: Suitable for cleaning various components and equipment, including engines, chassis, tools, and machinery.
Cost-Effective Solution: Its concentrated formula allows for dilution with water, optimizing cleaning performance while minimizing costs.
Environmentally Friendly: Formulated with biodegradable components, reducing environmental impact compared to traditional solvents.

Recommended Applications:
Metalworking: Cleaning metal parts and components before and after machining operations.
Automotive Manufacturing: Degreasing engines, chassis, and other vehicle parts during assembly and maintenance.
Mining: Removing grease and grime from heavy machinery and equipment used in mining operations.

Typical Test Data:
Color Light yellow
Density at 20 °C 809
Flash point °C 66
Cloud point °C  -10
Pour point °C < - 40
Refraction index at 25 °C 1.4150