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TotalEnergies ELF Coolelf Supra -37°C Ready To Use Coolant - 208 Litres

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TotalEnergies ELF Coolelf Supra -37°C Ready To Use Coolant - 208 Litres

Coolelf Auto Supra -37°C is a top-tier, ready-to-use coolant designed to deliver exceptional performance and protection for your vehicle's cooling system. Engineered with advanced Organic Acid Technology (OAT), this "very-long-life" coolant is formulated with mono ethylene glycol and organic corrosion inhibitors, ensuring optimal engine performance and longevity.

Maximum Protection: Safeguards against freezing down to -37°C, offering year-round defense.
Ready to Use: Pre-mixed with demineralized water for hassle-free application.
Multi-Material Compatibility: Suitable for both cast iron and aluminum engines, as well as aluminum or copper alloy radiators.
Extended Life: Provides a lifetime of 500,000 km or 4 years in trucks and 250,000 km or 5 years in cars.
Superior Corrosion Resistance: Organic technology ensures long-term protection against corrosion, erosion, and cavitation, even at high temperatures.
Enhanced Heat Transfer: Prevents deposit formation and maintains clean surfaces for optimal heat dissipation.

Coolelf Auto Supra -37°C is a versatile coolant suitable for all types of combustion engines, including cars, vans, trucks, buses, construction machinery, and agricultural tractors. It is compatible with various international specifications and has been officially approved by numerous manufacturers, making it a reliable choice for diverse applications.

Typical Test Data:
Density at 15°C 1.068
pH 8.4
Alkalinity Reserve (pH 5.5) 2.8 mL HCI 0.1 N
Temperature at which the first ice crystals occur -38°C
Boiling Temperature 108°C