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TotalEnergies Copal MS2 Extreme Pressure Grease 400Gm Cartridge

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Product Features

Designed to excel in boundary lubrication scenarios, even under the most demanding conditions of high temperatures and heavy loads, Copal MS2 ensures optimal performance and protection. With the added advantage of molybdenum disulfide, this grease guarantees smooth lubrication, preventing jamming or sticking, even in cases of accidental overheating and is ideal for a diverse range of industrial and civil engineering applications operating under severe conditions,

Very good resistance to high loads and repeated shock loadings.
Excellent thermal stability and reversibility.
Good behaviour in presence of water.
Very good adhesion to metals.
Excellent pumpability due to the grease structure.
Does not contain lead, or other heavy metals considered harmful to human health and the environment.

Typical Characteristics:
Typical Characteristics Methods Units Copal MS 2
Soap/thickener - Aluminium complex
NLGI grade ASTM D 217/DIN 51 818 - 2
Color Visual - Anthracite
Appearance Visual - Smooth
Operating temperature range °C - 20 to 150
Penetration at 25°C ASTM D 217/DIN51 818 0.1 mm 265-295
Four ball weld load DIN 51 350-4 daN 320-340
Anti-rust performance 
DIN 51 802/IP220/NFT
60-135/ISO 11007 
rating 0-0
Dropping point IP 396/DIN ISO 2176 °C >250
Kinematic viscosity of 
the base oil at 40°C
ASTM D 445/DIN 51 562-
1/ISO 3104/IP71
mm²/s (cSt) 165