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TotalEnergies Ceran XM 460 Grease - 50 Kg

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TotalEnergies Ceran XM 460 Grease - 50 Kg

CERAN XM 460 is a cutting-edge, extreme-pressure grease engineered by TotalEnergies. It features a revolutionary "New Generation" calcium sulfonate complex soap, delivering unparalleled performance in demanding conditions.

Key Features and Benefits:
Exceptional Water Resistance: Unmatched protection against water ingress, even in harsh marine environments, ensuring reliable lubrication and preventing corrosion.
High Load Capacity: Withstands extreme pressures and heavy loads, minimizing wear and tear on critical components.
Wide Operating Temperature Range: Maintains optimal consistency and lubricating properties across a broad spectrum of temperatures, from freezing conditions to scorching heat.
Superior Anti-Corrosion Properties: Safeguards machinery against rust and corrosion, extending equipment lifespan and reducing maintenance costs.
Excellent Pumpability: Easily flows and distributes within lubrication systems, ensuring efficient and consistent delivery to critical areas.

Typical Test Data:
Soap/thickener Calcium sulfonate complex
NLGI grade 1 - 2
Color Black
Appearance smooth and bright
MoS2 content 5
Operating temperature range (°C) -30 to 180
Penetration at 25°C 270 - 310
Four ball weld load 500
Anti-rust performance 0 – 0
Flow pressure at 1400 mbar (°C)  -30
Dropping point (°C) > 300
Kinematic viscosity at 40°C 220