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TotalEnergies Ceran XM 220 Grease 50Kg

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Product Features

TotalEnergies Ceran XM 220 Grease 50Kg

Engineered with cutting-edge technology, Ceran XM 220 sets a new standard for industrial grease. This high-performance lubricant provides superior protection and performance for machinery components in even the most challenging operating conditions.

Key Benefits:

  • Unmatched Performance: Formulated to handle high speeds, heavy loads, and extreme pressures, Ceran XM 220 ensures your equipment operates smoothly and efficiently.
  • Extreme Water Resistance: Exceptional water resistance properties make Ceran XM 220 ideal for applications with frequent water or seawater exposure, protecting against corrosion and extending component life.
  • Thermal Stability: Maintains its lubricating properties at high temperatures, preventing breakdown and ensuring consistent performance in demanding environments.
  • Anti-Corrosion: Protects against rust and corrosion, safeguarding your valuable machinery investments.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for use in centralized greasing systems and high-speed bearings, providing reliable lubrication across a wide range of industrial settings.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Free from lead and other harmful heavy metals, Ceran XM 220 is a safe choice for operators and the environment

Typical Properties:
Properties Methods Units 220
Soap/thickener - Calcium sulfonate complex
NLGI Grade ASTM D217/DIN 51818 - 1-2
Color Visual - Brown
Appearance Visual - Smooth
Operating temperature range °C -30 to 180
Kinematic viscosity of the base oil at 40°C ASTM D445/DIN 51562-1
/ISO 3104/IP71
mm²/s (cSt) 220
Mechanical stability
   Penetration at 25°C ASTM D217/DIN51818 0.1mm 280-310
   Penetration after 100,000 strokes ISO 2137 0.1mm +11
   Shell Roller 100 hours at 80°C ASTM D 1831 mod 0.1mm - 8
   Steel Roller 100 hours at 80°C + 10% water ASTM D 1831 mod 0.1mm - 12
Thermal stability
   Dropping Point IP 396 °C > 300
   Oil release 50 hours, 100°C ASTM D 6184 % 1.4
   Oil release 168 hours, 40°C NF T 60-191 % 0.9
 Oxidation stability at 99°C +-0.5°C
   Pressure drop after 100 hours ASTM D 942 Psi 4
   Pressure drop after 500 hours Psi 13.5
Anti-rust properties
   EMCOR, distilled water ISO 11007 Rating 0/0
   EMCOR, synthetic sea water ISO 11007 Rating 0/0
   Copper corrosion, 24 hours at 100°C ASTM D 4048 Rating 1b
Anti-wear and EP properties
   Four ball wear (scar diameter) ASTM D 2266 mm²/s (cSt) 0.37
   Four ball weld load ASTM D 2596 kgf 500
Cold properties
   Penetration at -20°C ISO 13737 0.1mm 160
   Flow pressure at -20°C DIN 51 805 mbar 560
   Flow pressure at 1400 mbar DIN 51 805 °C -30
 Torque at -20°C
  Starting torque ASTM D 1478 2600
   After 1 hour 460