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TotalEnergies Carter EP 220 Gear Oil

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Product Features

Elevate your machinery's performance with TotalEnergies Carter EP 220, a premium industrial gear oil meticulously engineered to meet the rigorous demands of heavy-duty applications. Crafted with precision by TotalEnergies, a global leader in energy solutions, Carter EP 220 is formulated to deliver exceptional protection, longevity, and efficiency to your equipment.

Designed for use in industrial gear systems, transmissions, and bearings, TotalEnergies Carter EP 220 offers unparalleled lubrication under extreme pressure and temperature conditions. Its advanced formulation, fortified with high-quality base oils and cutting-edge additives, ensures optimal gear protection, reduced wear, and enhanced equipment reliability.

TotalEnergies Carter EP 220's superior thermal stability and resistance to oxidation guarantee reliable performance even in the harshest operating environments.