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TotalEnergies Azolla DZF46 Hydraulic Oil 20 Litres

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Product Features

TotalEnergies Azolla DZF Detergent Anti-Wear Hydraulic Oil:
Hydraulic Circuits is specially formulated for use in hydraulic systems where significant amounts of water are inevitably introduced and cannot be drained off, such as in circuits that operate continuously. This versatile fluid is ideal for hydraulic circuits working under heavy loads, such as in lubrication of stamping presses, and for systems subjected to high levels of contamination.

  • Hydraulic circuits with unavoidable water contamination
  • Continuous operation systems
  • Loaded hydraulic systems (e.g., stamping presses)
  • Highly polluted hydraulic circuits
  • Detergent characteristics allow the fluid to absorb large quantities of water while maintaining its properties.
  • Detergent/Dispersant characteristics keep the hydraulic system clean.
  • High thermal stability ensures good resistance at high operating temperatures.
  • Excellent antiwear capacity extends the product's lifespan.
  • Excellent resistance to foaming with rapid air release (silicon-free defoamer).Good filterability even in the presence of high water content.
  • Protection against rust and corrosion.
  • ISO 6743-4 HM
  • ISO 11158 HM
  • DIN 51524-2 HLP-D
Typical Characteristics:

Properties Units Standards 46
Density at 15 °C kg/m3 ISO 3675 880
Viscosity at 40°C  mm2 /s ISO 3104 46
Viscosity at 100°C mm2 /s ISO 3104 6.9
Viscosity index  - ISO 2909 106
Open cup Flash Point °C ISO 2592 215
Pour point °C ISO 3016 -33
FZG A/8, 3/90 Stage DIN 51354-2 12
Brügger EP test N/mm²   - 58