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Shell Spirax S6 GXME 75W-80 Transmission and Gearbox Oil - 20 Litres

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Shell Spirax S6 GXME 75W-80 Transmission and Gearbox Oil - 20 Litres

A premium, synthetic technology gear oil designed to deliver exceptional performance and protection for heavy-duty gearboxes.

Enhanced Efficiency: Special frictional properties and high fluidity minimize power loss, reduce operating temperatures, and increase mechanical efficiency.
Extended Oil Life: Long-life additives and superior oxidation resistance enable extended drain intervals.
Prolonged Transmission Life: Outstanding protection against pitting, scoring, and wear, ensuring smoother shifting and exceeding the requirements of leading OEMs.
Reduced Environmental Impact: Lower chlorine content contributes to improved recyclability and less environmental pollution.
Trusted by Experts: Recognized and evaluated by leading equipment manufacturers for its exceptional benefits.

Ideal for synchromesh gearboxes, including those with integrated retarders, and medium-loaded axle drives that require mineral or synthetic gear oils.

Typical Test Data:
SAE Viscosity Grade: 75W-80
Kinematic Viscosity @40°C: 56
Kinematic Viscosity @100°C: 9.5
Dynamic Viscosity @-40°C: 30 000
Shear Stability (Viscosity after shearing) @100°C: 8.7
Viscosity Index: 163
Density @15°C: 849
Flash Point: 245
Pour Point: -51