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Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 Extreme Pressure Grease - 18Kg

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Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 Extreme Pressure Grease - 18Kg

Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 is a high-performance, multipurpose extreme-pressure grease based on a blend of high viscosity index mineral oils and a lithium hydroxystreate soap thickener. It is designed for a wide range of applications in various industrial and transport sectors.

Outstanding load-carrying capacity to withstand heavy and shock loads.
Improved mechanical stability, particularly important in vibrating environments.
Good resistance to water wash-out.
Excellent oxidation resistance, ensuring consistent performance in storage and high operating temperatures.
Reliable protection against corrosion, even in the presence of water.

Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 is ideal for heavy-duty bearings and general industrial lubrication. It is particularly suited for heavy-duty plain and rolling element bearings operating under harsh conditions, including shock loading and wet environments.

Typical Test Data:
NLGI Consistency: 2
Soap Type: Lithium
Base Oil: Mineral
Kinematic Viscosity @40°C (cSt): 220 
Kinematic Viscosity @100°C(cSt): 19
Cone Penetration, Worked @25°C: 265-295 0.1mm
Dropping Point: 180 °C
Four Ball Weld Load: 315 Kg