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Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 Multi-use Grease 400GM

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Product Features

Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 Multi-use Grease 400GM

Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 is a premium, multi-purpose lithium grease meticulously engineered to deliver outstanding lubrication and protection for a diverse range of industrial applications. Its advanced formulation incorporates a lithium hydroxystearate thickener, enhanced with antioxidants, anti-wear, and anti-rust additives. This powerful combination ensures superior performance and extended component life, even under demanding operating conditions.

Key Features & Benefits:
  • Exceptional Wear Protection: Minimizes friction and wear, significantly extending the service life of bearings and other critical components.
  • Long-lasting Lubrication: Resists oxidation and degradation, providing durable lubrication and protection over extended periods.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Operates effectively across a broad temperature spectrum, from low to moderate, ensuring consistent performance in various environments.
  • Robust Water Resistance: Repels water washout and safeguards against corrosion in wet or humid conditions.
  • Versatile Application: Suitable for a wide array of industrial applications, including electric motor bearings, water pump bearings, and general industrial lubrication needs.

Ideal Applications:
Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 is the perfect choice for:
  • Electric motors
  • Pumps
  • Fans
  • Conveyors
  • General industrial machinery