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Mono Ethylene Glycol based Green Antifreeze, with temperature resistance down to -57°C. It's formula protects from both freezing coolant and overheating by equalizing heat transfer through the vehicle via a heightened boiling point. As this is a premixed solution, it eliminates the hassle of mixing with water and gives protection straight out of the bottle.Antifreeze is an essential fluid for maintaining optimal engine performance and longevity in vehicles. It serves multiple critical functions, including preventing freezing in cold temperatures, raising the boiling point to prevent overheating, and protecting against corrosion. Antifreeze formulations are carefully engineered to provide reliable protection for a wide range of engine types and cooling systems, ensuring smooth operation even in extreme conditions. With its ability to safeguard against freezing, boiling, and corrosion, antifreeze is a vital component in the maintenance of modern vehicles, offering peace of mind for drivers and contributing to the longevity of their engines.