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Chemodex OGL - Heavy Duty Open Gear Lubricant For Exposed Gears & Chains 500ml Aerosol

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Size: 500ml

CHEMODEX - OPEN GEAR LUBRICANT is an extreme service, waterproof, long life lubricant containing Molybdenum Disulphide.

CHEMODEX O.G.L. is a heavy duty open gear lubricant compounded in fluid form to simplify application. It provides a tenacious, non-fling lubricating film. Wear and friction reducing properties are assured by the inclusion of MoS2 and an activated E.P. additive which has excellent protective characteristics.

CHEMODEX-O.G.L. is completely resistant to aqueous solutions of most acids, alkalies and chemicals in general. It is particularly suitable in severe weather conditions and contaminated atmospheres, because of the above characteristics and its penetrating properties.

CHEMODEX-O.G.L. in addition to its use on open gears is excellent for use on transmission chains, wire ropes, leaf springs, deck equipment, valve stems, linkages etc., where protection from the elements and lubrication are of equal importance.

Temperature range: -30°C (depending on torque) up to 250°C.

OGL Open Gear Lubricant 500ml Aerosols Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)