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New Tech Lubes Salt Resistant Grease - 400 GM

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New Tech Lubes Salt Resistant Grease - 400 GM

Salt Resistant Grease is a premium semi-synthetic, waterproof grease specifically designed for slow to medium speed plain and anti-friction bearing applications in marine and other harsh environments. It is exceptionally water-resistant in both salt and fresh water.

Waterproof in both salt and fresh water
Good sealing properties to resist ingress of dirt and moisture
High load carrying capability
Reduces friction and wear
Highly adhesive to resist vibration and shock

Salt Resistant Grease is ideal for various applications, including boat prop shafts, pumps, and bearings. Due to its exceptionally high base fluid viscosity, it is not recommended for normal highway use in automotive wheel and trailer hub bearings.

Physical Characteristics
Appearance  Green Grease
Worked Penetration (IP 50) 265 to 295 
Operating Temperature  0 to +140 °C 
Dropping Point (IP 132)  180 \u00b0C min 
Timken O.K. Load (IP 326)  25 kg 
Water Resistance  Fully Resistant
Base Fluid Viscosity  1000 cSt @ 40°C