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JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000 Litres- Universal Diesel Additive, ISO 22241-1 Compliant DEF

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Product Features

JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000L - Universal Diesel Additive, 1000 Litre, ISO 22241-1 Compliant DEF:
JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000L is a premium Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) designed to meet the highest standards of purity and performance for Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems in diesel engines. This 1000-litre Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) provides a convenient and efficient solution for large-scale diesel vehicle operations, ensuring compliance with stringent environmental regulations.

Key Features:
  • ISO 22241-1 Compliant: Manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring purity and effectiveness in reducing NOx emissions.
  • Universal Diesel Additive: Suitable for a wide range of diesel vehicles, including trucks, buses, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment.
  • Large 1000L Capacity: Ideal for commercial fleets, reducing the need for frequent refills and ensuring a consistent supply of DEF.
  • High Efficiency: Optimises the performance of SCR systems, helping vehicles meet Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards.
  • Eco-Friendly: Significantly reduces harmful nitrogen oxide emissions, contributing to a cleaner environment.
JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000L is perfect for:
  • Commercial Fleets: Ensuring trucks and buses remain compliant with emission standards.
  • Agricultural Machinery: Supporting tractors and other equipment in meeting environmental regulations.
  • Industrial Equipment: Maintaining the efficiency and compliance of SCR-equipped machinery.
Usage Instructions:
  • Check DEF Levels: Regularly monitor DEF levels to ensure continuous operation.
  • Locate DEF Tank: Find the DEF tank filler cap on your vehicle, usually marked with a blue cap or label.
  • Connect Dispensing System: Attach an appropriate dispensing system to the IBC for easy and spill-free refilling.
  • Secure Cap: After refilling, securely close the filler cap to prevent contamination.
  • Product Name: JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000LContainer Size: 1000 Litres
  • Compliance: ISO 22241-1
  • Shelf Life: Up to 12 months when stored correctly
Storage Instructions:
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures.
  • Ensure the container is tightly closed to prevent contamination.
  • Reduces Emissions: Effectively lowers NOx emissions, helping to protect the environment.
  • Enhances Engine Performance: Maintains the efficiency and performance of SCR systems
  • .Cost-Effective: Reduces the risk of fines and costly repairs by ensuring vehicles are compliant with emission regulations.
  • Convenient Bulk Supply: Large 1000-litre capacity minimizes the need for frequent refills, ideal for managing large fleets.
Ensure your diesel vehicles and equipment are environmentally compliant and performing optimally with JOVS AdBlue IBC 1000L. This universal diesel additive, compliant with ISO 22241-1, offers a reliable and efficient DEF solution for meeting stringent Euro 5 and Euro 6 emission standards.