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Hytek Tank Gauge - Float Operated- Tanks Up To 2.5m

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Hytek Tank Gauge - Float Operated - Tanks Up To 2.5M

This tank gauge is suitable for diesel, heating oil, lube oils or water, antifreeze & B100, providing a simple rough indication of the tanks content displaying between 0-250 CM. For ease of use, this handy gauge mounts directly to the top of the tank so you can access readings whenever you need to.

Simple and Reliable:
With a simple design and few moving parts, this tank gauge is less prone to malfunctions, making it more reliable.
Cost-Effective: Compared to more complex electronic gauges, Hytek's float operated tank gauge is cheaper to purchase and maintain.
Independent of a Power Supply: This tank gauge doesn't require electricity to function, making them suitable for remote or off-grid locations. 
Easy Installation and Calibration: This pump is relativity easy to install and calibrate, requiring minimal technical expertise.