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Hytek Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle for AdBlue/DEF

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Product Features

Hytek Stainless Steel Automatic Nozzle for AdBlue

Specially designed for refilling AdBlue, this nozzle comes constructed from stainless steel to prevent leaching, and Viton seals offering the best chemical resistant protection against leaks. As well as the 304 stainless steel body, the nozzle comes with a plastic cover for comfortable use and to protect the stainless steel body from daily wear and tear, increasing product lifespan. 

This nozzle increases efficiency, with a filling rate of 60L/min as well as a 3 position stay open latch. The overfill protection helps prevent the take from overfilling and inevitably spilling, which is vital when using AdBlue, both for enviromental saftey and costs associated with wasted product. 

Key features and benefits:
Safety: Automatically shuts off flow when the vehicle tank is at capacity. 
Protected Nozzle: The plastic casing means that the stainless steel nozzle is safe from everyday scuffs and bumps, leaving it pristine for longer. 
High Pressure: The max pressure for this nozzle is 50psi ( or 3.5 bar)
Wear and Corrosion Protection: The 304 stainless steel and the Viton seals ensures that the nozzle has a longer lifespan. 
Multiuse: Suitable for AdBlue and non-drinking water