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Hytek Rotary Barrel Pump - High Speed

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Hytek Rotary Barrel Pump - High Speed

Hytek Rotary Barrel Pump is a hand turned pump designed for petrol,diesel, and oils of a SAE up to 30. With a 3:1 pump to rotation ratio, this high speed barrel pump can clear 205 L in a matter of minutes but is suitable for 50L-250L drum sizes boasting an average of 70L/min flow rate. A 1.8m delivery hose with outlet spout and built in spout hanger come with this high speed rotary barrel pump. The wetted compnents of this pump are aluminium, zinc, steel, NBR, PVC and Nitrile. 

With the rotary handle mounted at a 90 degree angle to the crank shaft, it makes for easier turning at a rapid pace, being overall mrore cost effective than a manual pump due to lower costs for both the product and the cost to run. As well as this, they benefit from a lack of batteries, meaning that they can be used anywhere without worry of finding a power source. 

Control: With the pump using human power to transport fluids, the operator can control the power and at what speeds this transaction occurs, minimizing the risk of spills and leaks.
Lightweight: The weight of a portable rotary pump means that it can be transported easily between containers, cutting down on time wasted from moving a mechanical pump to each container. 
Multi Use: With the ability to pump petrol, diesel and oils up to SAE 30, there are plenty of fluids this pump can handle instead of having to purchase a specific pump for each category.