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Hytek High Speed Automatic Diesel Nozzle.

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Hytek High Speed Automatic Diesel Nozzle.

Designed for refueling larger vehicles, agricultural and plant machinery, Hyteks High Speed Automatic Diesel Nozzle boasts a pumping speed of 140L/min with a spout diameter of 31mm, meaning that refueling no longer has to take a considerable amount of time, and with the 3 position stay open latch y can be a  hands free experience, or for more control the latch can be disabled if required. The overfill protection means that the nozzle will automatically shut down when the take has reached it's capacity, resulting in less spills, saving you money on the fuel itself as well as protecting the environment. With a range of suitable fuels - such as diesel, HVO, or biodiesel up to B30 - this fueld nozzle is perfect for satisfying the needs of a mixed fleet. 

Key Benefits:
Varied Uses : Suitable with diesel, HVO or biodiesel up to B30.
Efficient : Filling speeds of up to 140L/min. 
Saftey Features: The automatic cut off as well as the 3 position latch helps decrease risks of overfilling. 

For use in electric pumps only.