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Hytek Follower Plate for 50kg kegs

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Hytek Follower Plate for 50kg kegs

A follower plate works by slowly lowering into a keg, forcing the material inside of the keg to go through the hole in the center into an intake socket to be dispersed through a grease gun. Hytek's follower plates are no different, in various sizes ranging suitable to 12.5kg to 180kg to covered a wide range of applications. Follower Plates eliminate air pockets which can cause pump cavitation and ineffective operation as well as a change in characteristics of the grease such as drying out or evaporation, as well as scraping the side of the barrel or keg to maximise grease use and reducing waste. Follower plates help for more efficient working environments, helping pumps prime more easily especially those working with thick greases.

Overall, using Hytek's follower plate can make your grease pump more efficient, reliable and cost-effective in the long run.