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Fuchs Cassida Fluid GL 320 Food Safe Gear Lubricant - 22 Litres

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Fuchs Cassida Fluid GL 320 - 22 Litres

Cassida Fluid GL 320 is a high-performance, anti-wear gear oil specifically engineered for the demanding environments of food and beverage processing machinery. This superior lubricant ensures smooth operation and longevity of enclosed gears, contributing to the overall efficiency and productivity of your production lines.

Key Features & Benefits:
Food-Grade Safety: Certified by NSF for ISO 21469 and registered by NSF (Class H1), guaranteeing safe incidental food contact.
Advanced Formulation: A meticulously crafted blend of synthetic fluids and specialized additives, delivering exceptional lubrication and protection against wear, even under high temperatures and pressures.
Neutral Odor & Taste: Ensures the sensory integrity of food products, making it ideal for use in food processing and packaging equipment.
High Viscosity Index: Maintains optimal viscosity across a wide temperature range, ensuring consistent lubrication performance in varying operating conditions.
Long-lasting Protection: Resists oxidation and degradation, extending oil life and reducing maintenance requirements.

Enclosed gearboxes in food and beverage processing machinery.
Equipment used in food packaging manufacturing.