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Chemodex Foamkleen Professional Multi-Purpose Carpet & Interior Foam Cleaner

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Product Features

Size: 500ml Aerosol

FoamKleen is the ideal solution for many tricky cleaning problems. When applied from an aerosol container the foam will adhere to vertical and even to overhead surfaces to provide efficient and highly economical cleaning.

Use Chemodex FoamKleen for the simple and efficient cleaning of • Upholstery • Carpets • Plastic surfaces • Enamel • Paint-work • Furniture, signs • Lighting reflectors • Cookers • Refrigerators

Chemodex FoamKleen is as efficient with fabrics and carpets as it is with all hard surfaces, without excessive wetting. Although mild in action FOAMKLEEN is of great assistance in the cleaning of cooking equipment and ovens. The foam will loosen baked on fats which can be removed with a stiff brush after the foam has been allowed to penetrate for at least 15 minutes.

FOAMKLEEN AEROSOL Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS)