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EXOL Vintage 40 Monograde Engine Oil (M141) - 25 Litres

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Product Features

EXOL intage 40 Monograde Engine Oil (M141) - 25 Litres

Rediscover the golden age of motoring with Exol Vintage 40 (M141), a specially formulated monograde engine oil designed to cater to the unique needs of classic vehicles from the 1930s to the early 1960s. Crafted with high-quality base oils and carefully selected additives, this non-detergent/dispersant oil ensures optimal protection for your treasured vehicle's engine.

Key Benefits:
Authentic Protection: Respects the engineering of classic engines, providing the lubrication and protection they were designed for.
Enhanced Oxidation Resistance: Safeguards against the damaging effects of oxidation, preserving your engine's longevity.
Bearing Corrosion Protection: Shields vital engine components from corrosion, ensuring smooth operation and reducing wear.
Compatibility: Works seamlessly with early oil filtration systems, maintaining peak engine performance.

Product Specifications: 

Typical Test Data
Specific Gravity @20°C 0.890
Kinematic Viscosity @40°C (cSt) 142.02
Kinematic Viscosity @100°C (cSt) 14.55
Viscosity Index 100
Flash Point (COC, °C) 260