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EXOL Victory 15W-40 Engine Oil (M016) - 20 Litres

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EXOL Victory 15W-40 Engine Oil (M016) - 20 Litres

Exol Victory 15W-40 is a versatile, cost-effective engine oil designed to meet the demands of both passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. Its advanced formulation ensures excellent high-temperature stability and stay-in-grade performance, protecting your engine and maintaining its efficiency.

Key Features:
Mixed Fleet Solution: Ideal for both petrol and diesel engines, simplifying your fleet maintenance.
Multigrade Protection: Provides reliable lubrication across a wide temperature range, ensuring optimal engine performance in various conditions.
Stay-in-Grade Performance: Maintains its viscosity and protective properties, reducing the need for frequent oil changes.
Cost-Effective: Delivers exceptional value without compromising on quality or performance.

Choose Exol Victory 15W-40 for:
Passenger Cars: Reliable protection and performance for everyday driving.
Light Commercial Vehicles: Enhanced durability for demanding commercial applications.
Mixed Fleets: A single oil solution for diverse engine types, simplifying inventory and maintenance.