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EXOL Ultramax FRE 46 Hydraulic Fluid (H203) - 205 Litres

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EXOL Ultramax FRE 46 Hydraulic Fluid (H203) - 205 Litres

Exol Ultramax FRE 46 is a fire-resistant hydraulic fluid (HFDU) engineered for use in high-risk environments where fire hazards are a concern. Its water-glycol formulation significantly reduces the risk of fire propagation compared to mineral oil-based hydraulic fluids.Despite its fire-resistant properties, Ultramax FRE 46 doesn't compromise on performance. It provides excellent lubrication, wear protection, and oxidation stability, ensuring smooth operation and extended equipment life.

Key Features and Benefits:
Fire Resistant: Significantly reduces the risk of fire in hazardous environments.
Excellent Lubrication: Protects hydraulic components from wear and tear.
High Viscosity Index: Maintains stable viscosity across a wide range of temperatures.
Good Oxidation Stability: Resists degradation, ensuring long fluid life.
Anti-Wear and Anti-Corrosion: Protects hydraulic systems from damage.

Aluminum smelting
Other high-risk industrial environments

Approvals and Specifications:
ISO 6743-4 Type HFDU
DIN 51524 Part 2 HFD-R