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Exol Tachus 220 Slideway Oil - 1000 Litres In An IBC

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EXOL Tachus 220 Slideway Oil (L040) - 1000 Litres in an IBC
The Tachus range consists of specially designed slideway lubricants formulated to maintain parallel alignment with the machine bed and prevent irregular oil film pressure and 'slip stick' action, ensuring smooth machining operations.

  • Wide Range of Viscosities Available: Suitable for various applications and conditions.
  • Contains Extreme Pressure Additives: Ideal for arduous conditions.
  • Excellent Lubricity: Ensures smooth operation even at low traverse speeds.
  • Good Corrosion Protection: Protects machine components from rust and corrosion.
The Tachus range is specially formulated for machine tool slideway applications. They are also suitable for certain combined hydraulic and slideway systems. Lower viscosity grades are recommended for horizontal slides, while higher viscosity grades are ideal for vertical slides.

Typical Test Data: 

ISO 220
Specific Gravity @ 15.6˚C 0.893
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40˚C (cSt) 212.98
Pour point (˚C) -10
Flash point (˚C) 231
Appearance Dark Amber