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EXOL Syngear SW 460 Gear Oil (G048) - 25 Litres

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Product Features

EXOL Syngear SW 460 Gear Oil (G048) - 25 Litres

Syngear 460 Gear Oil is a polyalkylene glycol based synthetic lubricant providing an outstanding load carry capability as well as excellent thermal stability, specially designed to provide excellent corrosion protection and demulsibility characteristics. Syngear SW allows thermally stable operation at temperatures in excess of 200°C. Typical application include lubrication of calendars, piston compressors and bevel, spiral bevel, helical, enclosed spur and worm gear units. Syngear SW remains homogeneous from below pour point to temperatures in excess of 250°C. The service lifetime of this product is in excess of 10,000 at 100°C, meaning in industrial settings this may extend drain intervals or be a 'fill for life' oil.

  • Very high levels of wear protection. 
  • Extend oil drain periods.
  • Excellent load carrying properties.
  • Outstanding oxidation stability and resistance to thermal breakdown. 
  • Free from mineral oil, sulphur and chlorine.
  • Free from metal based additives including lead.
  • High load carrying properties.
  • Non-staining towards yellow metals.
Product Specifications:
Din 51517 - Part 3 (CLP)
David Brown Type G

Typical Test Data:
Syngear SW 460
Product Code G048
Kinematic Viscosity (IP71)
     cSt @ 40°C
     cSt @ 100°C

Viscosity Index (IP226) 220
Pour Point (˚C) (IP15) -28
PMCC Flash Point (˚C) (IP34) 225
Neutralisation Value (mg KOH/g) (IP139) 1.15
Density @ 20˚C (D4052) 1.007
Total Oxidation Products (%) (IP280) 0.5
Load Carrying Capacity (IP334. A/8.3/90)
     FZG Failure Load

Timken OK Load (lbs) (ASTM D2782) 35
Weld Load (kg) (ASTM D2783) 170
Copper Strip Corrosion, 3 hrs @ 100˚C (IP154) 1a
Rust Prevention (IP135)
     Procedure A
     Procedure B

Volume of Foam (ml)
     Sequence 1
     Sequence 2
     Sequence 3

Air Release (min. @ 90˚C) (ASTM D3427) 25
Demulsibility @ 82˚C
     Emulsion (ml)
     Free Water (ml)