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EXOL Rockdrill 68 - 25 Litres

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EXOL Rockdrill 68 - 25 Litres

Rockdrill 68 is a type of rock drill oil, specifically formulated to lubricate and cool the internal mechanisms and moving parts of pneumatic drilling equipment. It ensures reliable and efficient performance in extreme conditions for increased productivity and long equipment life.Rockdrill 68 is designed for use as an air-line and operating lubricant for high air flow pneumatic drilling equipment operating in heavy-duty service environments. These applications include pneumatic equipment used for mining, tunneling, sample drilling, jackhammers, pavement breakers, compactors, and other pneumatic equipment. Rockdrill 68 is manufactured with premium quality base oils and high-performance additives for superior lubrication, cooling, and cleaning properties. Its unique formula helps minimize wear and tear, prevent corrosion, and reduce friction, ultimately extending the service life of drilling equipment.