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EXOL Optima C2 LSF 0W-30 Engine Oil (M462) - 5 Litres

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EXOL Optima C2 LSF 0W-30 Engine Oil (M462) - 5 Litres

Optima C2 LSF 0W-30 is a fully synthetic low SAPS (sulphated ash, phosphorus, and sulfur) engine oil designed for modern vehicles. It is primarily developed for Ford vehicles requiring the WSS-M2C950-A specification but is also suitable for other models requiring ACEA C2, SAE 0W-30 specifications.

Key features and benefits:
Fuel-saving technology: Helps to improve fuel efficiency. Low SAPS formulation:
Protects after-treatment systems like diesel particulate filters (DPF) and catalytic converters.
Excellent engine protection: Provides wear protection and maintains engine cleanliness.
Wide temperature range: Suitable for use in various climates due to its 0W-30 viscosity grade.

Suitable for:
Ford vehicles requiring WSS-M2C950-A specification
Jaguar Land Rover
And other vehicles requiring ACEA C2, SAE 0W-30