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Product Features

Excelmould B3 is a readily biodegradable mould release oil specially formulated to give easy release from pre-cast moulds and formwork and provides a high quality surface finish to the concrete. The optimised level of release agents provide excellent mould release properties and result in attractive concrete surfaces free of blowholes, chips or other blemishes.
  • Biodegradable
  • Optimised viscosity for easy application 
  • Contains high levels of release agent 
  • Clean separation from moulds
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Bland odour

  • Excelmould B3 is recommended as a release agent on all types of pre-cast moulds and formwork. It should be applied by swab, brush or spray and should be applied liberally.
  • Excelmould B3 is a mould release oil that is not only effective but also environmentally friendly.  It is readily biodegradable, making it a perfect choice for those who are conscious about their impact on the environment.
  • Excelmould B3 has been specially formulated to ensure easy release from pre-cast moulds and formwork, it also provides a high-quality surface finish to the concrete, enhancing the overall look and feel of your construction project.
  • One of the standout features of Excelmould B3 is its optimised level of release agents. These agents provide excellent mould release properties, ensuring that your concrete structures come out of their moulds smoothly and without any hassle. Excelmould B3 is more than just a mould release oil. It’s a tool that can enhance the quality of your construction projects while also reducing your environmental impact. 

Typical Test Data:

Specific Gravity @ 15.6°C 0.838
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 3.0
Flash Point COC (°C) 80
Appearance  Pale yellow liquid