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EXOL Excelgrease Calgraph 2 Solid Lubricant (Z013) - 400GM Cartridge.

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EXOL Excelgrease Calgraph 2 Solid Lubricant (Z013) - 400GM Cartridge

Calgraph 2 is formulated with a powerful blend of anhydrous calcium and solid lubricants. Designed to conquer wear and tear in heavy-duty plain bearings and slides, Calgraph 2 acts as a rejuvenating shield, filling in worn surfaces and distributing loads uniformly to prevent further damage.

Key Benefits:
  • Good mechanical stability: Ensures the grease maintains its consistency and structure over time, even under heavy loads and vibrations.
  • Good water resistance: Protects against water washout and corrosion, making it ideal for use in wet or humid environments.
  • Good local stress load distribution: Distributes pressure evenly across bearing surfaces, reducing wear and tear.
  • Wide operating temperature range: Performs effectively in a variety of temperatures, without thinning out at high temperatures or becoming too stiff at low temperatures.
  • Good oil separation: Minimizes oil separation from the thickener, ensuring consistent lubrication.
  • Good sealing properties: Forms an effective barrier to prevent leaks and contamination.

  • Plain bearings: Calgraph 2 is specifically designed for use on plain bearings that have seen service but still have a long operational life remaining. The solid lubricants help to fill worn surfaces and distribute loads evenly, preventing further wear and extending bearing life.
Other applications:
Calgraph 2's properties make it suitable for a variety of other applications, including:
  • Hydraulic rams and plungers
  • Chains and guide ropes of lifts and hoists
  • And other heavy-duty sliding mechanisms

Typical Test Data:
Colour Black
Appearance Medium fibred grease
NLGI Classification 2
Oil separation (IP 121) 5% max
Worked Penetration (IP 50) 265-295
Operating temperature ° C -20 to 120
Dropping Point ° C 140 min
Copper corrosion (IP 112) Negative
Aluminium corrosion (Mod IP 112) Negative
Mild steel corrosion (Mod IP 112) Negative
Water washout
     (ASTM D1264) @ 38° C  3% 
     @ 79° C 8%
Water resistance (DIN 51807) Fully resistant