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Exol Excelfluid GP Metalworking Fluid (S015) - 205 Litres

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EXOL Excelfluid GP Metalworking Fluid (S015) - 205 Litres

Exol Excelfluid GP (S015) is a high-performance, semi-synthetic metalworking fluid designed to optimize your machining operations. Its unique formulation delivers exceptional lubrication and cooling properties, making it suitable for a wide range of metals, including cast iron, aluminum, and stainless steel. Although not designed as an extreme pressure type fluid it does provide machining capabilities way beyond those normally associated with fluids which do not contain EP additives.

Key Benefits:
Enhanced Machining: Provides lubrication beyond that of standard cutting fluids, improving tool life and surface finish.
Biostable: Resists bacterial and fungal growth, ensuring longer fluid life and reduced maintenance.
Low Foaming: Maintains consistent performance even at high speeds and pressures.
Excellent Wetting: Ensures thorough coverage of the workpiece, reducing friction and heat buildup.

Typical Test Data
Appearance of Concentrate Blue liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.95
pH @ 5% (Distilled Water) 9.1
Anti-Corrosion by IP 287 2% break point
Emulsion Type (5% dilution) Translucent
De-foam in 50ppm water Nil after 10 seconds
Reichert Performance @ 10% Noise Reduction 36m
Load Capacity 1.49Kg/mm2
Refractometer Factor 1.50