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EXOL Excelfluid Evo Ultra Metalworking Fluid (S129) - 25 Litres

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EXOL Excelfluis Evo Ultra Metalworking Fluid (S129) - 25 Litres

EXCELFLUID EVO ULTRA represents the latest advancements in soluble cutting fluid technology. It's designed for modern multi-metal production, offering exceptional performance in all types of demanding machining applications.Its high-performance additives deliver outstanding surface finish and extended tool life on a wide range of materials, including aluminum, yellow metals, ferrous, and non-ferrous metals.The unique formulation prevents scum and soap formation often associated with reactive materials. It also boasts outstanding tramp oil rejection properties, contributing to the excellent cleanliness of machine tools. EXCELFLUID EVO ULTRA features a unique emulsifier system that doesn't rely on traditional foam control additives, ensuring excellent performance in various water conditions. It's free from chlorine, formaldehyde, and free boric acid, making it an environmentally friendly and future-proof choice.

Key Benefits:
Exceptional performance in demanding machining applications
Outstanding surface finish and extended tool life on various metals
Prevents scum and soap formation, ensuring machine cleanliness
Excellent tramp oil rejection properties
Performs well in diverse water conditions
Free from harmful chemicals, making it an environmentally conscious choice

 Multi-metal machining operations Aluminum machining Yellow metals machining Ferrous and non-ferrous metals machining Operations requiring excellent surface finish and tool life