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EXOL Excelfluid AL Metalworking Fluid (S047) - 25 Litres

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EXOL Excelfluid AL Metalworking Fluid (S047) - 25 Litres

The burgeoning use of aluminum alloys in engineering has brought forth a new set of challenges. The ever-increasing complexity of modern alloys and machining processes demands a metalworking fluid that can conquer these challenges. Excelfluid AL is meticulously formulated to address these issues.

Key Benefits:
High-Performance Machining: Excelfluid AL thrives in modern machining environments where achieving high stock removal rates is crucial for finish-to-size operations. It ensures exceptional performance even under demanding conditions.
Unmatched Hydrodynamic Lubrication: The formula guarantees exceptional lubrication even under demanding high flow rates and pressure, minimizing friction and wear.
Conquering High-Silicon Alloys: Unlike conventional fluids, Excelfluid AL tackles the machining challenges of difficult high-silicon alloys head-on, without sacrificing performance.
Minimized Foaming: The unique formulation significantly reduces foaming, even in low-hardness water conditions commonly found in machine shops, ensuring consistent performance.

Excelfluid AL is ideal for a wide range of machining operations on aluminum alloys, including turning, milling, drilling, and grinding. It is compatible with most aluminum alloys, including aerospace grades.

Recommended Concentration:
For optimal performance, Excelfluid AL should be mixed with water at concentrations between 4% and 10%.

Typical Test Data:
Appearance of Concentrate Amber liquid
Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.937
pH @ 3% (Distilled Water) 9.0
Cast Iron Corrosion B.P. (%) 3.0
Aluminium Stain Tests – 7 Day Clear Pass in 200ppm Water L93 / L97 / L117 / L118 / L168 / Lithium Alloy / 7010
Refractometer Correction Factor 1.2