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Exol Excelcut G314 Cutting Oil N203 20 Litres

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Product Features

Excelcut G314 Low Evaporation, Chlorine-Free Neat Cutting Oil:
Excelcut G314 is an extreme pressure neat cutting oil formulated with unconventional low volatility base stocks. It utilises chlorine-free extreme pressure additives to ensure excellent surface finish and performance.

  • Low Evaporation & Low Misting: Enhances operator visibility and reduces oil consumption.
  • Chlorine-Free: Environmentally friendly and safer for disposal.
  • Multi-Metal Compatibility: Suitable for use with a variety of metals.
  • Excellent Surface Finish: Promotes superior finish on machined parts.
Excelcut G314 is versatile and can be used in various machining operations such as drilling, turning, and grinding. It is compatible with both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, making it suitable for high alloy steels, cast iron, and brass.

Typical Test Data:

Specific Gravity @ 20°C 0.838
Kinematic Viscosity @ 40°C (cSt) 14.0
Flash Point COC (°C) 200
Copper corrosion Class 1b
Colour Pale Yellow
Appearance Clear & Bright