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EXOL Excel HD Machine System Cleaner (S031) - 25 Litres

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EXOL Excel HD Machine System Cleaner (S031) - 25 Litres 

HD System Cleaner is a highly effective biocidal cleaning agent for use in the sterilisation of machine tools where water-mix metalworking fluid is used. Effective at lifting oily residue and swarf from heavily contaminated systems whilst at the same time killing bacterial and fungal growths. HD System cleaner should be added to the in-use metalworking fluid and circulated for between 24 to 48 hours at a 2% concentration prior to fluid changes. 

  • Multifunctional.
  • NP Ethoxylates free.
  • Free from formaldehyde releasing biocides.

Typical Test Data:
Appearance @ 20oc Amber Liquid
Odour Bland
Emulsion Appearance Micro-water White
Specific Gravity 1.010 (typ)
pH (5% Dilution) 9.5 (typ)
IP287 Corrosion Break Point, % v/v 4.0