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EXOL EDM 2 Spark Erosion Oil (L026) - 25 Litres

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EXOL EDM 2 Spark Erosion Oil (L026) - 25 Litres

EDM 2 is a premium, low viscosity spark erosion oil specifically formulated for high-precision electrical discharge machining (EDM). Engineered for optimal performance in spark erosion machines on off sizes and suitable for roughing and finishing operatrions, delivering exceptional surface finishes and minimizing wear on your valuable tooling.

Key Features & Benefits
Low Viscosity: Ensures efficient flushing of debris and optimal spark gap conditions for precise machining.
Virtually Colorless: Allows for clear visibility of the workpiece during operation.
Low Aromatic Content: Reduces unpleasant odors and fumes, promoting a healthier work environment.
Excellent Operator Acceptability: Mild odor and low fume generation contribute to operator comfort and safety.

Ideal for a wide range of EDM applications, including:
Fine detail work
Mold making
Die sinking
Precision component manufacturing