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EXOL EDM 1 Spark Erosion Oil (L027) - 25 Litres

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EXOL EDM 1 Spark Erosion Oil (L027) - 25 Litres

EDM 1 is a premium, low viscosity spark erosion oil specifically formulated for high-precision electrical discharge machining (EDM). Engineered for optimal performance in small EDM machines, EDM 1 excels in fine spark erosion operations, delivering exceptional surface finishes and minimizing wear on your valuable tooling.

Key Features & Benefits
Low Viscosity: Ensures efficient flushing of debris and optimal spark gap conditions for precise machining.
Virtually Colorless: Allows for clear visibility of the workpiece during operation.
Low Aromatic Content: Reduces unpleasant odors and fumes, promoting a healthier work environment.
Excellent Operator Acceptability: Mild odor and low fume generation contribute to operator comfort and safety.

Ideal for a wide range of EDM applications, including:
Fine detail work
Mold making
Die sinking
Precision component manufacturing