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EXOL Athena Multigear 75W Transmission Fluid - 5 Litres

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EXOL Athena Multigear 75W Transmission Fluid - 5 Litres

Athena Multigear 75W is a fully synthetic low-viscosity manual transmission fluid designed for modern vehicles. It's formulated with carefully selected synthetic base stocks and advanced additives to deliver exceptional performance and protection, ensuring smooth gear changes and optimal fuel efficiency.

Key Features and Benefits:
Reduced Friction: Its low-viscosity formula minimizes friction between gears, leading to smoother shifting and reduced wear.
Improved Fuel Economy: By reducing friction, Athena Multigear 75W helps to improve fuel efficiency, saving you money at the pump.
Excellent Thermal Stability: Maintains its performance even under high temperatures, ensuring consistent lubrication and protection.
Enhanced Wear Protection: Protects gears and bearings from wear, extending the transmission's lifespan.

Specifications and Approvals:
Ford M2C200-D2, M2C200-D3
VW G 052 178, G 052 512, G 052 527, G 052 726, G 060 726, G 070 726

Synchronized manual transmissions in modern vehicles where a low-viscosity fluid is specified. Some dry-clutch DCT systems (check vehicle manufacturer's specifications).