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Chemodex TOLUENE Solvent

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Toluene is a colorless, aromatic ,hydrocarbon with a sweet, pungent odor and is commonly used as a solvent in various industrial and household applications. Derived from crude oil, toluene is often found in products such as paints, coatings, adhesives and cleaning agents. Toluene is a highly versatile solvent renowned for its exceptional solvency and effectiveness. Its fast acting formula dissolves paints, adhesives, varnishes and more. 


  • Versatility- Toluene can be used for a number of applications from industrial to DIY, serving as an adhesive remover, paint thinner and surface degreaser.
  • Efficiency - Toluene delivers outstanding cleaning performance, requiring minimal effort and time.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - Toluene's effectiveness and efficiency translates to cost savings, making it a cost effective solution for various cleaning and industrial processes.