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Chemodex Rust & Scale Remover - 25 Litres

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Chemodex Rust & Scale Remover - 25 Litres

Chemodex Rust & Scale Remover is a powerful, concentrated formula designed to tackle even the most stubborn rust and scale deposits on various surfaces. It is available in 25-liter containers and is ideal for industrial and commercial applications.

Key Features & Benefits:
Highly Effective: Quickly penetrates and dissolves rust and scale, saving time and effort.
Versatile: Can be used on a wide range of surfaces, including metal and concrete.
Safe for Most Materials: Non-damaging to most substrates when used as directed.
Economical: Concentrated formula allows for dilution, providing excellent value for money.
Easy to Use: Simple dilution and application process.

Immerse component directly into diluted liquid (1:2) or brush neat onto surfaces too large for immersion. Allow several hours before rinsing, repeat with a second coat if the rusting is heavy. As an addition, after treatment, surfaces are left lightly phosphated ready for painting or any other surface finishing. 

Pre-dilute with up to 6 parts water, always adding the remover to water. Immerse component in diluted acid, heating mixure to 60°C will remove scale.

Pre-dilute with up to 3 parts water and apply by spray or brush, allowing time for the reaction before rinsing. Clean with water. Heavy deposits may require second application.