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Chemodex Ready Mix Screen Wash - 205 Litre

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Chemodex Ready Mix Screen Wash - 205 Litres

Chemodex Ready Mix Screen Wash is a high-performance, pre-diluted screen wash formulated for optimal cleaning and clarity. It effortlessly removes dirt, grime, road salt, insects, and other debris from your windscreen and rear window, ensuring a clear view for safe driving.

Key Features:
Ready to Use: No mixing required, simply pour and go.
Powerful Cleaning: Effectively removes stubborn residues and smears.
Streak-Free Finish: Leaves your windscreen crystal clear and distortion-free.
All-Season Performance: Works effectively in all weather conditions.
Protects Your Windscreen: Contains no harsh chemicals that could damage your windscreen or wipers.
Safe for Paintwork: Won't harm your car's paint or finish.
Pleasant Fragrance: Leaves a fresh, clean scent.
Environmentally Friendly: Biodegradable formula.