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Chemodex Premium Green D2 (-57°C) Anti-Freeze - 205 Litres

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Product Features

Chemodex Premium Green D2 (-57°C) Anti-Freeze - 205 Litres

Chemodex Premium Green D2 Anti-freeze os an ethylene glycol bases engine coolant formulated for both light and heavy duty engine applications. Including organic additives as well as borate and silicate, Chemodex Green Anti-freeze provides excellent protection across all applications whilst also being free from nitrites, amines and phosphates.

Key Benefits:
Excellent Thermal Stability: It's thermal characteristics ensure effective engine cooling without boiling.
Outstanding Anti Corrosion: The inhibitors used in this product ensure anti-corrosion protection for cast iron, aluminium, brass, copper, solder and steel. 
Frost Protection: Depending on the concentration used, Chemodex's Premium Green Anti-freeze can prevent the formation of frost. 
Hard Water Compatibility: The use of sophisticated silicate stabilization technology ensures good compatibility with hard water. 
Anti-Foaming: Excellent anti-foaming characteristics. 

Chemodex Premium Green D2 Antifreeze exceeds the requirements of most European and International standards including ASTM D3306, ASTM D4985, SAE J1034, BS 6580 (2010) and Afonor NF R15-601. 

Chemodex Premium Green D2 (-37°C) Antifreeze offers various freeze protection levels at the following rations when mixed:
1:0 -57°C
1:1 -37°C
1:2 -19°C

Product Specifications:
Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia: Fiat 9.55523
Audi: TL 774 C (G 11)
BMW/Mini: GS 94000
Chrysler: MS-7170
Cummins: 85T8-2
Deutz: DQC CA-14
Ford: ESD-M97B49-A
Iveco: Standard 18-1830
JI Case: JIC-501
Lada / Avtovaz: TTM VAZ 1.97.717-97
MAN: 324 Typ NF
Mercedes-Benz: MB 325.0
MTU : MTL 5048
Opel - GM : GME L1301
Porche: TL-774 C (G 11)
Seat:TL-774 C (G 11)
Skoda: TL-774 C (G 11)
Toyota: 1WW/2WW Engines
Volkswagen: TL-774 C (G 11)
Volvo Cars: 128 6083 / 002
Volvo Construction: (Produced before 2005)
Volvo Trucks: (Produced before 2005)